FoodBlogSouth Conference

Being a Birmingham area foodie, I am super excited that there is a food blogging conference right here in town on January 27th and 28th being hosted by FoodBlogSouth. Since I’ve started Endless Appetite this spring I’ve really enjoyed sharing recipes, food stories and food photographs from my kitchen. It amazes me the variety of people across the country who follow Endless Appetite – there is even a spy from the C.I.A. (and I’m not talking about the Culinary Institute of America) following my blog. I look forward to learning how I can make Endless Appetite that much better.

They have an All-star lineup slated for the conference, but I am most excited about Hélène Dujardin being a guest speaker. I follow her blog Tartelette closely, and the photos on her blog are the most delicious. She has a wonderful book Plate to Pixel: Digital Food Photography & Styling, which I bought for my husband for his birthday since he takes all the photographs for Endless Appetite. He tends to read it late at night when he can’t sleep, but the photographs he takes the next day are always better than the previous set.

This event will be a great forum to meet other writers, chefs and cooks, photographers and experts in the industry. The details can be found at their website: or find them on Facebook.

And I promise a blog post on apples coming soon!

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